It is incumbent upon me to let all TCA, INC members know that The American Cat Association (ACA) is ILLEGALLY using my BREED NAME, TRADITIONAL SIAMESE on her (Irene Gizzy) web site and in her association and registry. This Breed Name is Federally Copyrighted and Federally Trademarked to me only, Diana Fineran, because I created it years ago and it is the foundation for TCA, INC.’s existence. Irene Gizzy-ACA, has NO PERMISSION to use my Breed Name.

Two of my over 90 Federal Copyrights are: Breed Standard Directory, which contains my Breed Name, Traditional Siamese, is TX 5-603-647. For our Web site it is TX 5-346-313. I also hold Copyrights to our “Constitution and By-Laws, Registry and Show Rules” and many more. All of my Copyrights were filed and accepted years before Irene Gizzy started running ACA! This gives me the right to all TCA, INC. documents and breed names, including the breed name, Traditional Siamese.

The Breed Standard Directory is a Book. When a book is Copyrighted, every word in it is included in that copyright. That is why my Breed Name, Traditional Siamese, and all other Traditional and Classic Breed Names, are Federally Copyrighted to me, Diana Fineran.

Years ago, when Susie Page was running ACA, I notified her of my Federal Copyrights and Federal Trademarks. Susie Page did write, saying she would honor them. Irene Gizzy has ignored my “Cease and Desist” letters – not even acknowledging receiving them! Evidently she feels she is above the law! I regard her actions as robbery. She is making money off of what I created!

A bit of ACA history is needed now. On the first page of her web site Irene Gizzy brags about being connected with the Beresford Cat Association. This did not come about with any honesty either! What happened was a group of Beresford Cat Association members robbed the Association of money and records and then began ACA. Shortly after the robbery the Beresford Cat Association ceased to exist. I have done lengthy research into the histories all of the other cat associations. The full details are in my book

In summation: I have a legal right to protect myself and TCA, INC. from Irene Gizzy’s violation and subsequent robbery. So to PROTECT YOURSELF from any legal action, it is my recommendation to avoid any contact with this dishonest association.

In addtion ACA is not a full service association. TCA, INC. is a full service association, always operating with honesty and integrity. Irene Gizzy is putting anyone who does business with her in jeopardy of being drawn into a law suit that will last years and cost in the thousands. TCA, INC. does no such thing. We are always looking out for our members in a protective way and offering vital information when needed, as we are doing now.

It is long past the time to put ACA out of business due to years and years of dishonesty. Since she refuses to operate honestly then she shouldn’t be in business at all.

I present this vital information as my opinion and through my knowledge of Federal Copyright and Federal Trademark laws.

I invite your comments and questions.

The Gift Of Language

Communication is one of the many miracles of language. We often take for granted the power it has to forge connections and immerse us in lives of shared meaning and understanding. We often fail to appreciate that something so common and familiar as words in a book, messages on line or the sound of a voice can be so extraordinary and transformative.

India has 22 officially recognized languages. This makes an amazing array of scripts, sounds and styles of speaking that make one realize what a wild, uncontrollable abundance there is in people’s ability to create language. And it is such a deep, universal human need to be understood, to connect, to share our stories and ideas and to pass on hard-won truths.

In recent years, I fear that we have forgotten the gifts inherent in language. Especially on the internet people use words as tools to salt wounds and to diminish others, rather than leaning on them to bridge gaps. As we go forward, let’s strive to remember the power that language has to give others access to our thoughts and feelings, to transform words into a unique message, and to show us our capacity to create and appreciate abundance. It can allow us to grow better and stronger together. Let’s use it in this positive way.


More Pet Friendly Hotels…
THE STANFORD INN BY THE SEA, Mendocino, California: This eco-resort has welcomed iguanas, parrots, Vietnamese potbellied pigs, even tortoises, and provides house made treats. ($45. Per Pet). PLAY: Catch a Canoe and Bicycles, Too lets pets on its rentals.
HOTEL MONACO, Alexandria, VA: Even staffers bring pets to Tuesday doggy happy hour, where humans can have cocktails, too. (No Pet fee). PLAY: Take a canine cruise on the Potomac and walk the All the President’s Pups tour at Mt. Vernon.
RITZ-CARLTON BACHELOR GULCH, Avon, Colorado: Dogs and cats sleep on velvety beds and dine on room service natural pet food and treats. Book a pet massage to work out knots from too many session of fetch. ($125 pet cleaning fee for three nights). PLAY: Enjoy guided snowshoe walks and summertime outdoor games at Furry Paws Fridays.
BARNSLEY RESORT, Adairsville, Georgia: A “furry godmother” awards treats at this 3,300 acre mountain resort, and the inn donates its $75 pet fee to PAWS, an Atlanta charity. PLAY: hike one of the several paths on the resort, then relax in Barnsley’s outdoor restaurant.
EMERSON RESORT & SPA, Mount Tremper, New York. For dogs: an unleashed running area. For you: Spa treatments with complimentary walking services. ($35 per pet per night.) PLAY: Pups under voice control can run off leash in Catskill Forest Preserve.


By Larry Bleiberg in Better Homes & Gardens/February 2016 issue

I found this in Better Homes & Gardens and thought you all could use this at some point…
More and more Pet-friendly resorts are coming up with ways to bring your cat or dog with you on vacation by providing kitty room service and canine massages. Here is a listing of them….
DECKER CREEK BED, BREAKFAST & BISCUIT: Manor, Texas. This B & B welcomes four-legged guests (no extra cost) with freshly baked dog biscuits, and cookies for you. Private cabins have screen porches and fenced in yards. PLAY: nearby Austin welcomes pups everywhere from wine bars to taco shops.
LOSES MIAMI BEACH HOTEL: Miami Beach, Florida. Pets get celeb treatment at this beachfront high-rise, which includes, room service treats, catnip and scratching posts ($50.00 pet pet.) PLAY: Take an Art Deco walking tour with Christine & Co, which dog-sits as you venture inside buildings with “No Pets” policies.
BARKWELLS ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA: Your pup will find her inner Lassie on 8 fenced-in grassy acres flanked by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Cabins have dog doors and beds. ($100.00 refundable pet fee, $25 per dog if two or more.) PLAY: Leashed dogs are welcome on national park trails and on the Biltmore Estate Grounds.
THE WHITE MOUNTAIN HOTEL & RESORT, Tully, a resident Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, welcomes guests with toys, treats, and collapsible bowls. ($75. For dogs over 25 lb.) PLAY: Dogs can exercise on trails and ride the Conway Scenic Railroad.
ALDERBROOK RESORT & SPA, Union Washington: Stressed out pets can find their bliss with the Two Hands, Four Legs massage from a canine therapist ($30.00 per pet per night). PLAY: Dogs on leashes can run along Hood Canal. alderbrook

The Movie: “Concussion” Part 3

My advice to those who run across any presentation that doesn’t provide the slanderers and defamers email address and name and tells the reader to hate someone you don’t know or to hate someone in another state, or to perpetuate hate, slander and defamation against anyone else—hit delete and move on to intelligent, positive reading. Reading, or worse yet, believing the vomit of dirty, degenerate, sewer dwellers is detrimental to your mind and soul. None of it helps any breed of cat!
What I have found is the type of person who engages in evil activities has no respect for themselves or for any cat or cat breed. Useless, slithering, filth on the outer edges of society are a plague upon themselves and an embarrassment to the cat associations they belong to.
Like the Medical Doctor, who Will Smith so aptly played, I am not effected by any lies or dirty writing about myself. This is very much to the disappointment of those who attempt to injure me. My hard core grit has foiled every outcome they hoped for. Surely all of us with TCA, INC. are doing the right thing, with honesty, integrity, and resourcefulness.

To end on a pleasant and positive note, I must say I am proud of my accomplishments, of TCA, INC. and all the success surrounding what I have fought so hard to maintain. Thousands of happy and satisfied customers have sung our praises and sent many, many compliments. All cat breeds have a safe and secure place to be protected. That is the real reward.

The Movie: “Concussion” Part 2

Through 11 years of research, I dug deep into the historical records and found the truth about the changes to the breeds, who was responsible and what cat associations were involved. Details are given about the Siamese place of origin, how the colors came to be and the very first breeders who were involved with them, as well as interesting information about individual cats too. This information is presented in detail in my book “The Traditional Siamese and the Classic Siamese Cat, A Complete History of the Breed”. It is available in hard copy and electronically from the first page of our web site at It was obvious to me that the masses of people involved in the cat world had no idea what they are supporting. Therefore, I wrote my book for educating the general public in a pleasant and well written way.
The result? Yes! I was and still am being attacked and lied about in an attempt to malign the truth sayer. History cannot be rewritten. It is real. It is there. It happened. It cannot be denied! I have received death threats, hate mail, false accusations, and on and on. Every imaginable lie has been published on the internet by demented, insane vermin, who have never had any contact with me or know me or TCA, INC. at all.

The Movie: “Concussion” Part 1

We recently watched the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith, who plays the part of a highly educated medical doctor in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a true story about the Doctor who discovered that football players were suffering from traumatic brain injuries due to how they were playing the game. Once his report came out in a medical journal the footfall leagues made major attempts to debunk his scientifically sound findings. The league went so far as to send Federal Agents to fire him and his boss! The League manager out right lied to the press, to the public and to the players stating that these findings were not true. As the years progressed more and more proof came out until finally the football league manager rescinded his former lie in much disgrace! As a result, the football players launched a large law suit against the league. AS you may already know, there was a very large settlement.
As this story unfolded we were struck by the similarities between what happened to the medical doctor and myself. The strategy of the guilty is to attack and malign the truth sayer. Or as it has been put so eloquently – “Kill the Messenger”.

Once I discovered what all of the other cat associations had done to the Siamese breed, I created the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA, INC.) to oppose their perpetual damage done to every breed they touched. Soon TCA, INC. began supporting all breeds. My purpose is to bring back the Traditional, Classic, Original and Old-Style of every breed of cat, thus preserving them in good numbers for future generations to enjoy. My effort has been a magnificent success.

How We Treat Our Customers

We recently received an email from a distraught Fancier searching for a replacement of her recently lost Birman. She wrote to us “I have been looking for a while to find a breeder. It seems impossible. My Birman died, and the breeder I got him from 15 years ago had also passed away. How do I find a legitimate breeder, preferrably in Florida or New York. I would like to see the kitten.”

So we sent her to our breeders listing and got the following response. “Thanks for your email. The ones I see are in the UK etc. I cannot believe how much time I have spent and emails that I have sent. You are the only person being kind enough to respond.”

So I share this with all Cat Breeders and Fanciers who have been in this person’s shoes, looking for a new family friend. Not all responses will meet that persons’ needs, but no responses from anyone will reflect badly on all those who were given the chance.

The Traditional Turkish Angora

About 2 years ago a Traditional Turkish Angora breeder in Europe came to TCA, INC. and asked us for help in protecting the breed from U.S. breeders. Details were given about the events and arguments that had been going on for some time. The basis for their need for help was because the U.S. Turkish Angora/cfa breeders were changing the breed! (IMO: cfa does this to every single breed they touch).

TCA, INC. had already accepted a Breed Standard for the Traditional Turkish Angora, so protection here was already in place. We were registering them then and still are now.
The real danger was that the U.S. Turkish Angora breeders had gone to a California University to have blood tests done to prove their distorted Turkish Angora’s were “purebreds”! A pseudo “scientist” at that University had worked on the genetic project and published false reports to validate the U.S. breeder’s claim of purity. That pseudo “Scientist” and the University were immediately put into question. The Traditional Turkish Angora breeders were angry about the whole events and justly so!

As a person not involved in what was going on: The only part I played was that I found out the California University and the questionable “scientist” did the blood tests for the U.S. breeders FREE. With this knowledge, I contacted the California University head Geneticist and asked them to do blood tests on the Traditional Turkish Angoras IN TURKEY. Through a contact I have in Turkey, arrangements had already been made for a Veterinarian to collect samples from the Traditional Turkish Angoras IN TURKEY, including some of those at the Ankara Zoo, where the Traditional Turkish Angora is being preserved and bred. These are the REAL Traditional Turkish Angoras in the land of their origin.

The California University did a turn around and told us they would charge a huge amount of money to do the genetic investigation. The breeders in Turkey just couldn’t raise that large amount, so the whole effort was for naught.

Politics ruled over and influenced the results instead of allowing the data to define reality.

You can well guess what my opinion is of cfa and that California University. BE WARNED: Any one spending money to have genetic research on their cat(s) is throwing their finances down a black hole.