We do rather go way back. I can still remember that time in your life when those absolutely horrible people were trying to steal all that you had created. And their lying and manipulating. And all the court dates when one never knew what was going to happen. I have not and could not forget all that you did to fight for your idea and your creation and the amazing gift that you have given to so many of us…….namely the ability to have the kitties that we had as children, instead of the sickly, and anemic looking Siamese kitties they call Siamese now days. I will never be able to thank you enough. Until the day that I die, I will have at least one Siamese or Tonkinese. And I have you to thank for it.

Warmest wishes,


Just Think

“You’re not here by chance
but by God’s choosing.
His hand formed you
and made you
The person you are.
He compares you to no one else-
You are one of a kind.
You lack nothing
that His grace can’t give you.
He has allowed you to be here
at this time in history
to fulfill His special purpose
for this generation.”
By Roy Lessin

About Changing Breed Standards – PART 2

All of the breeders in all of the other cat association’s have never had the capability to grasp this basic rule of breeding. Their short cut is to change Breed Standards over and over again, until the original body type, mental state and health is devoured by their stupidity, an evil approach to breeding, and lack of respect for the breeds.

OH! Sure! The breeders in all of the other cat associations write hate, half truths, twisted lies and psychotic filth against those who oppose their ignorance. Such writings are a testimony and self admittance to their incompetence. There are chat rooms full of them! The dumb leading the dumber! It takes dirty, degenerate vermin to read and believe dirty, degenerate vermin! My advice, if you run across such a place: RUN! Delete their emails, send them to your spam file. GET AWAY from such poisonous people as fast as you can or you could be their next target.

I have often wondered why cats with such a loving, giving, comforting, fun loving, funny, dedicated personality and gifted with the ability to purr can entice such horrible, evil people onto themselves. They are so innocent yet so vulnerable to damaging attacks. If left on their own, their future would remain the same as God invented it to be. Human beings have not been kind to all of the cat breeds.

This knowledge is what drove me to write over 100 Breed Standards, representing the ORIGINAL, OLD STYLE, TRADITIONAL and CLASSIC type of each breed. This will form the foundation to preserve what is left of them. NONE of these Breed Standards will ever be changed, according to the rules I wrote. Therefore the breeds themselves are protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Joyfully I can say that The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. is the ONLY association where every breed of cat finds a safe haven. TCA, INC. standS firm on that proclamation. TCA, INC. is thriving!

About Changing Breed Standards – PART 1

Recently I read that “improving” a breed and “changing a Breed Standard” are still being promoted by breeders who have no knowledge what that entails or what it means. Such blatant ignorance has got to stop or no breed will be left to exist as it originally was.

The words “improving a breed” and “changing a Breed Standard” are the curse of the cat world. This is one of the keys why all other cat associations have destroyed, diminished and damaged every breed they have touched. The Siamese, the Persian, the Burmese, the Turkish Angora, and on and on are classic examples of what havoc has been wrought on helpless breeds of cats all over the world.

First of all none of the breeds need “improving” because no human could ever “improve” on what the good Lord has made. All must be left bodily, mentally and physically as they were in their beginnings.

The definition of these evil words in the eyes of all other cat associations and their ignorant breeders is to deform the body type, destroy the breeds immune system, lower their life expectancy length, cause them to be hyperactive, have organ deformities, cause them to die very young and leave behind grieving owners who spent a fortune to purchase them only to lose them at an early age. What an atrocity! What a twisted and diseased approach to breeding cats!

Let’s get down to the real brass tacks of breed improvement within the confines of a Breed Standard that does not change. Let’s say the Breed Standard states that the eye color is to be “Brilliant deep blue”., and your cats eyes don’t exactly have that feature. To reach the goal of the Breed Standard the best breeding decision is to breed your cats ever closer to that goal. Breeding is always an exciting challenge, always waiting to see what the next litter produces and accessing your breeding program’s progress with the results.

Part of this equation is what a Breed Standard is. A Breed Standard is a written description of the most perfect cat possible for that breed. Since perfection is impossible to reach, the challenge to the breeder is ever present.

My Advice

Take the time in your life to walk away from all the drama and people who create it. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad people and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you in the right way. Pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living.

May there always be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be as long as it is a good and morally honest place. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself as long as you are good and peaceful toward others. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

Over Time (Pt 2)

I want to go on record as saying that Diana Fineran and I have been friends for 15 years. During that time I have seen her do numerous and really wonderful unselfish acts including starting at her own time and expense and organization and process for paying for neutering and spaying of animals for people who could not do it themselves. I have seen her find homes for cats all across the country and helped countless people and their pets in many ways.
She also started an organization and took tremendous criticism, including death threats fro what she has done. She is not a breeder and has no opportunity to profit from this. Over the years she has spent $1,000’s of dollars of her own money helping and doing and we, the breeders have her to thank for having Traditional and Classic Siamese called something besides ally cats.
That they exist at all is in large part because Diana had the energy and the will to bring those who had stock left together to find out crosses and continue. I will always be grateful to Diana for this, and because she has been my friend for so long, I feel a natural affection and loyalty towards her.

Over Time

Over time I have found nasty people on the internet attempting to lie about who created TCA, INC. The answer is me, Diana Fineran. I founded TCA, INC. back in March of 1987 and quietly developed a Breeders List, a Membership List, a Newsletter, The Constitution and Bylaws, Registry and Show Rules, Breed Names, Breed Standards, and all documents an forms I needed to run a cat association. For two and one half years, I did not advertise at all. All of this effort I did alone, resting solidly on my considerable business knowledge and leadership skills, consistent with what has been demonstrated since then.
It was fun, enjoyable and greatly rewarding. The whole story is written in my book found here:
The following referenced person became a member around 1989.
What follows is a statement that I am providing as proof that I founded and created TCA, INC. I have many more.
In my possession are all the original letters from members, Treasure reports, first newsletters, first registrations, documents of incorporation, Federal Copyrights, Federal Trademarks, etc, to the present day.
Because of my dedicated efforts and knowledge, TCA, INC. is a safe, solid and honest organization.

It was in March of 1987 – (Pt 2)

A bit of research revealed to me that the Old Style, Original, Traditional and Classic types of each breed were near extinction due to ignorant persecution by all of the other cat associations world wide. “I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.” stated Peter O’Toole star of Lawrence of Arabia. Based upon the principles of good health, longevity, no deformity and a loving people centered personality, all the breeds are on their way back to reasonable numbers once again due solely on the efforts of TCA,INC. We aren’t there yet! They are still rather rare and demand is great. The general public, as our customers, have told us what they prefer and we have responded in kind. I listened to them and created TCA , INC. for today, tomorrow, 100 years from now and beyond.
Quickly this journey turned into a community of dedicated people, connected together with a sense of belonging. All of us, as one unit, are involved in this movement. Yes! TCA,INC. is a movement and a culture! Our identity and solidarity of purpose is known worldwide now due to our advertising in several magazines and on the web. Our web site bridges any distance and is building bonds as we teach and touch lives, both human and feline. We are impacting the cat world in giant ways. Membership is peaceful, positive, educational and focused on the breeds and those who love them. TCA, INC. breeders are pampered, protected, fully supported and informed, which is, from the mouths of several new breeders to our roles, the opposite of treatment elsewhere! Our Association is honest, friendly, helpful, and professional in our approach and operation. High confidence in TCA, INC. has created iconic loyalty and devotion, that doesn’t waver from our cause. Nowhere else in the cat world do these good things exist so pervasively. TCA, INC. is the breath of fresh air. Our level of integrity has been demonstrated as higher than others have attempted to attain.
“Every good product I’ve ever seen is because a group of people cared deeply about making something wonderful that they and their friends wanted. They wanted to use it themselves.” Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers.
One thing about TCA, INC. is that we have always been a place where people can find breeders who are far and above others floating around out there, and that becomes a valuable commodity for customers looking for the honest and ethical breeders to purchase from. If I may say so, TCA, INC. is a cut above and that is something to be very happy about. There is great pride in belonging!
The mundane toil of cleaning litter boxes, sweeping floors and keeping living quarters clean, in every respect goes on in day-to-day routine. Still, those chores are the building block for the future as each member works toward the common goal. Though each one may be working in private, it is the diversity of thought, philosophy and effort that is a sign of strength and vigor in TCA , INC. the desire to protect these breeds and care for them in the very best way possible strikes a cord in our humanity that calls forth positive emotions and responses. Your efforts and contributions compliment TCA, INC., creating a richly textured movement.
We uphold our legacy and continue to define ourselves with honesty and integrity, while taking a stand against the extermination of the Traditional and Classic Cats! We are their shining bastion!

It was in March of 1987…(Pt 1)

… that I founded TCA, INC., after I sent two letters to CATS Magazine and a few months later to Cat Fancy. Both were published with my name and address, so a series of cat lovers began contacting me asking if I could mail them a copy of the Breeders List I had started so they could find a Traditional Siamese for themselves. I did all of it at my own personal expense. My letters only stated that I was looking for breeders of the Old Style, Original, Traditional Siamese to purchase one for John & I, so the response was completely unexpected. For two more years I did no advertising at all! To my absolute astonishment one kind person sent along a $1 dollar bill with her request. Quickly I counted up the cost of Xeroxing, postage and an envelope and figured out how many Breeders Lists I could send using that $1.00 bill! I automatically began Treasurer’s records to prove to John that I wasn’t spending a great amount of money at my new hobby. A few more letters later another person sent along a $5 dollar bill! I was estatic and continued to answer requests for my Breeders List. You might say TCA, INC. began with that $1.00 donation and the desire of many people to find their dream cat. I’m proud to say TCA, INC. has always been in the black ever since! More and more letters poured in. Thus began the Members list I have maintained ever since. Immediately I began writing to the breeders who responded and to the people who contacted me for the Breeders List. Those letters grew into the TCA, INC. Newsletter.
Most business models teach: find a need and fill it. Certainly that is what I did. Through voting our Association name, our Motto and our Logo were decided. I incorporated this new Corporation as a Non-Profit and wrote the TCA, INC. Constitution and By-Laws and Registry Rules. Before then I wrote the First and only Breed Standards for the Traditional Siamese and Classic Siamese. Coming from the Arabian Horse World, I knew a considerable amount about Breed Standards and their importance. All the forms, even more Breed Standards, articles, and information about TCA, INC. were written by me. To date I have written more than 80 Breed Standards as TCA, INC. grew to an all breed Association. The work was labor intensive and at times grewling, because I had to get each Breed Standard exactly right.

Degeneration of the Siamese – Part 3

Bad Breeding Practices

The stupidity of continuing toward more and more long, thin bodies and elongated heads caused the loss of health. Eyes could no longer match the slant eye sockets and cats had third eyelids showing permanently. Under jaws could no longer match well with the head becoming longer and longer, causing over bites to appear. Mouths became so narrow at the end that teeth were missing sooner or later. A Siamese with a complete bite around 8 years of age with all teeth present was no longer the norm. Often the small 6 teeth between the scissor corner teeth (12 in total) were no longer there and molars did not last a life time any more.

The quest for more deformity also lead to body mass loss. Sometimes muscle tone was missing. This meant the breed was prone to lack of calcium resulting to legs more easily breaking. During deliveries the lack of calcium, which could not be supplied any more by the body from the bones, lead to labor trouble and C-sections. Those of us in TCA, INC. recognize this doom scenario. Many breeders of the Extreme Wedge Siamese feel a kind of blind loyalty and dare not break the code in fear of becoming outcasts.

It was the general public who noticed the changes in looks and decline in longevity. They knew from their own experiences that the Original, Old Style, Traditional and Classic Siamese were strong, sturdy, long lived. This “new” weird Siamese was a turn off which lead to the decline in popularity and of breeding activity. Breeders of the Extreme Wedge Siamese deny this and are not willing to accept, share, nor act to solve the present health crisis they are supporting. The decline that began in the 30’s has continued to the present day and will go onward.

I recognized the disaster the Siamese breed was in. I took the initiative to act by creating the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. “To Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate and Promote Traditional Cats.” The work continues with deep love of the breed and dedication for its future.

TCA, INC. is a beacon of hope for the Siamese and all other breeds that have suffered at the hand of poor breeding practices. There is no other organization that has as clear a direction to protect these breeds than TCA, INC.