Degeneration of the Siamese – Part 2


The Siamese was one of the earliest breeds to be recognized. A small percentage of the cats found in the Far East still show one or more of the present albinism factors in cats: (Burmese), (Siamese) or (Blue eyed white). Two of these phenotypes were picked up by westerners and came to breed status. The cats with the darkest points were taken by British, French and American living there for various reasons, and were brought or sent back to the respective home countries from roughly 1880 to 1930. Some of these cats were Tonkinese or pseudo-Siamese. Initially this was not understood or even considered by the general public. The pointed ones were preferred and bred on.

In the 1930’s an American brought the darkest form to the U.S. and this turned into the Brumese. In the Far East countries all kinds of pointed “Siamese” (with white, with striped, tortie-point, diluted, Chocolate point, Etc.) were and still are found. Only the Seal Point was chosen. As expected, recessives secretly snuck in any way as they were brought along secretly carried by the Seal points. Eventually the Siamese breed became accepted with 4 point colors, which is a situation that stuck until the fifties of the previous century.

Until the 1950’s breeding went on well all over the world. Then health problems began to appear, such as decreased litter sizes, limited fertility and other problems. These were signs on the wall. This is not very surprising because the breed worldwide had become intermingled due to import and export and also it was caused due to only a very, very small number of ancestors. No one knows for sure, yet a good guess would be that about 80 cats had been brought to England, another 30 or so to France and another 50 to the U.S.A. Optimistically guessing about 50% of those ancestors were used for breeding. Many cats died after arrival at their destination countries of infectious diseases and worms. No drugs were available at those times. Several imports were full brother and sister too. The initial forebears of the breed were less than about 75 cats worldwide. Breeding based on a selection for beauty only made matters worse. This became a plague caused by locked in genetic defects by generations of in-breeding.

Then cats being cats, crosses between Siamese and tabby housecats produced a second generation of pointed cats with stripes in mask and on the legs and tails. Other crosses with red housecats produced Tortie, Torbie, Cream and Red points. Some of these breedings were incidental and some were planned. This broadened the gene pool, but affronted many purists. The boost of several influxes of unrelated house cat blood improved genetic resistance and wellness, especially the tabby points in England, where they saved the breed by often giving new life to beautiful lines that had began to literally whither away. It was at this time that falsification of Registration Applications and pedigrees began. Fraudulently writing colors different than what the cat was removed the dreaded red and stripes to a politically accepted solid color instead. Thankfully these “other color points” are recognized and admired in TCA, INC. as the Colorpoint Siamese breed name.

Over time the look of the Siamese became changed into a form more and more extreme until the breed went into serious decline everywhere. Once a very popular breed for decades, they became a minority breed all over the world with fewer and fewer breeders staying with the breed and often leaving after a few short years and never passing on information or history, since they themselves did not know more than fragments. Part of the decline was the very small group of ancestors without much added un-related blood since about 1930. From that period onward almost no one returned to the Far East to get new cats. It was impossible when working with a locked in totally interrelated and inbred blood stock to reverse the tide of more than 100 years of in breeding and the focus on striving to turn the breed into a freak!

Degeneration of the Siamese – Part 1

Inside the pages of my book ( is a detailed view of what all of the other cat associations are, how they operate and what they have done to every breed they touch. I held no punches and presented the facts as I found them. Most came directly from members of the other associations in the form of quotes. I am well aware of breeders inside all of the other associations, bragging about pedigrees and denigrating TCA, INC. I’ve taken the brunt of it personally. They are a misguided lot.

I did the digging to learn and educate myself as I wrote my book. What I found was appalling and disgusting, all at the same time. I found documented proof of falsifying Registration papers for generations. Just please understand that the first cats of each original and now “recognized breed” came from unknown sources, the streets, the farmers and markets of their country of origin. The Siamese came from Thailand to England with NO pedigrees what so ever. The Persian came from the area of the Persian Empire with NO pedigrees what so ever. I can say the same for the Turkish Angora, the Abby the Maine Coon and on and on. Those original cats were bred and all kinds of colors and shapes came out of those first breedings. They had no proof of any lineage, so they introduced into the first Registries whatever the breeders wanted to declare were of a certain breed. They just wrote down “Persian” (or what ever) and wah-lah the cat was a Persian then and from then on! Goofy and sad all at the same time.

With that said, I can easily say that no piece of paper from any of the other cat associations is any proof the cat it describes as a PUREBRED! And that piece of paper doesn’t make that cat any more or any less a purebred either. It is just a piece of paper. Therefore, all the hub bub about long pedigrees by breeders with any of the other cat associations is a bunch of hooey! Bologna! The selling of paper in an attempt to make their cats appear “better” than ours. It seems to be a cult like brain washing among those breeders, who just don’t know the facts. They accept what the other guy among them says (who ever that is doesn’t matter to them), and the con job is perpetuated. No matter how hard I have tried to educate those breeders, they just attack me, slander me and use all kinds of evil tactics. They haven’t stopped me from telling the truth!

When I created TCA, INC. I knew I had to make a firm stand. The TCA, INC. Registry has three sections. TCA, INC. is the only Association, where breeding cats from non-documented parentage (one of those sections) have to PROVE their purebred heritage through the breeding process. No other association has ever done this in their over 100 years of registry history. TCA,INC. cats are so far above the cats registered in other associations, because our cats go through the acid test of having to breed true to their breed, and all of it is documented in our Registry through that proving process. What is inside the cat genetically will always be revealed. That is what really matters!

If a customer asks me about pedigree, what I just said is my answer to them. There is great esteem for a cat in TCA, INC….far above any in the other associations. Each owner involved with TCA, INC. can’t help but be proud of the purity of their cats.

An Answer to Evil Ones

“Tell them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, to be generous givers, sharing with others.”

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

“Whether done solo or as part of a group, kindness, respect for others, and generous deeds are a great example of what happens when action follows heart.” Diana Fineran

“Evil never succeeds. Good always wins.” Diana Fineran

Living Life by Bonnie Mohr

Life is not a race, but indeed a journey.
Be Honest. Work Hard. Be choosy.
Say “Thank You”, “I love you”, and “Great Job” to someone each day.
Go to Church and take time for prayer.
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.
Let your handshake mean more than pen and paper.
Love your life and what you’ve been given. It is not accidental.
Search for your purpose and do it as best you can.
Dreaming does matter. It allows you to become that which you aspire to be.
Laugh Often.
Appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them.
Some of the best things really are FREE.
Do not worry, less wrinkles are more becoming.
Forgive, it frees the soul.
Take time for yourself – plan for longevity.
Recognize the special people you’ve been blessed to know.
Live for today and enjoy the moment.


The receipt of over 30,000 letters and thousands more e-mails have proven to this Association that our direction is the right one. We are not here to do it just to create controversy, or just to make ourselves look good. We do it as our motto states: “To Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the Traditional Cat”. Man is considered as having the higher intelligence. We have taken the stand that we should demonstrate that, at the very least in a cat breeding program.

We do this not be against the extreme cats. Quite the contrary. We are against those who practice breeding programs and adhere to breed standards that promote these extreme traits. Ask any Veterinarian, who cares for cats, and they will tell you horror stories that they have experienced firsthand of the resulting extreme cats’ problems. From the TCA, INC. perspective we are practicing common sense towards an effort of health and well-being of all cats. The result is healthier and longer lived cats.

We invite all cat lovers to join TCA, INC. which has been created to speak and act properly for the cats, and not act against them. TCA, INC. is about doing what is right for the cats. We have the full support of most of the cat owning public. When is the last time an extreme cat was in a TV commercial? Who would buy a product that promoted sick cats?

Breeding is a privilege, and should be treated as such. The breeder has the opportunity to do right or wrong every time. Our path will make sure that the choices that TCA, INC. supports are only the right ones!

TCA, INC. is extremely proud of the breeders involved in our effort.


In keeping with the TCA, INC. Motto TCA,INC. does exclude all extreme types of breeds that have taken the Traditional breeding stock of their respective breed of cats and allowed people to manipulate their breeding programs, standards, and judging practices to support the deformation of those breed. Our description of these breeders is “unethical”. Those practices have resulted in malformed heads, noses, eyes, and hearts to name a few. The negative impact to their immune systems has also been clearly seen through their diminished life spans having been shortened to 3 to 5 years from the normal 15 to 25 years we see from our Traditional Cats. Who in their right mind would be against longer lived cats?

Consider an unethical breeder who knowingly sells malformed or diseased kittens to unsuspecting customers and then knowingly comforts the customer when the cat dies between the ages of 3 to 5 years and will gladly sell that customer another deformed kitten. Another unethical breeders approach is to ignore the grieving customer completely and not refund the purchase price. That is what TCA, INC. considers “unethical”.

The TCA, INC goal is to eliminate these practices from the breeders ranks entirely by never allowing these deformed cats to be deemed acceptable in a breeding program. From the TCA, INC. perspective they are not. There should never be another deformed cat bred for any reason. Those who joined me to create this organization voted to take this stand and so it is written into our By-Laws and Constitution that this be our purpose. There is no room for deviation from this point.


Convenience is key and is the reason TCA, INC. created our ON-LINE CAT REGISTRY accessible from the first page of our web site at PayPal is also there for ease of payment.

The speed of service is certainly accelerated with direct access to TCA, INC. Waiting for the Postal Service to deliver your Registration Application is no longer a necessity. Forms for transfer of ownership with the required signatures on the back are still required to be mailed, however.

The Registration Application can’t get lost in the mail, and checks won’t fall out of the envelope. They arrive almost as fast as you can fill them out.

Clarity of registration numbers, names, etc, is made easier to read for the TCA, INC. Co-Head Registrars.

TCA, INC. doesn’t have to follow up with e mails or phone calls to find out whether an “0” is an “8” or to interpret the spelling of your hand writing.

The on-line forms are very easy to fill out, since they are simply fill in the blanks.

The person filling out the forms is shown exactly what information is needed.

So the question might be…So why aren’t you using the online registry process? As someone else once said, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

Available forms include: Cat Registration, Litter Registration, Cattery Registration, Cat Upgrade requests, Membership, Pedigree requests, Cattery Inspection Requests, Classified Ad submissions, Show Entry Forms, and Web Link requests.


As I have mentioned, I learned what the other cat association are and set a path to oppose everything negative that they are, they do, their method of operation, their abuse to each cat breed, their dishonesty and everything they support. TCA, INC. has no desire to have anything to do with any of the other cat associations. It is an absolute bonus to us and a great benefit to our integrity that they stay away from us. The bottom line is they don’t measure up to our high standards. Our Registry is cleanly run with honesty and integrity attributed to everything we do. Our shows are honest and hold firmly to Judging by Breed Standards, which are never changed, thus preserving these breeds as they were in their beginnings. No political judging is possible. TCA, INC. holds two cat shows annually: One for Purebreds and one for Household Pets. There are no travel expenses, no exposure to disease or stress for the cats which avoids the hatred between exhibitors that exists at live, cat shows elsewhere. Also we use a three Judge system, which avoids favoritism or political “winners” as in other cat shows. In other words our shows are easy on everyone and totally honest. TCA, INC. supports only the original head and body type of each breed, with no deformity and no genetic defects. We are here to preserve each breed. We support health and longevity as well.

TCA, INC. is a worldwide, all breed Cat Association with a full range of services. Above all we are honest and respectful of our customers and the breeds they love and support. TCA, INC. is different in a good way. We are here for the cats and the breeds they come from and to protect them FROM all of the other cat associations, who are out for their own glory, regardless of the impact to the cat’s themselves. Keep in mind, that without TCA, INC. many breeds that were facing certain extinction would in all likelihood not exist anymore. I personally have written over 90 Breed Standards as part of TCA, INC. protection for them.

In summation I hope I have added to your enlightenment of the cat world.


There is another factor to the other cat associations. That is the use of the internet by their constituents to attack, defame and slander by using lies. There is so much jealousy, ignorance, stupidity and insanity (YES! INSANITY!) out there. Because I tell the truth, they have tried in vain to damage TCA, INC.’s credibility and failed. Instead it is the people who are doing all the negative lies who have destroyed themselves. Over the years I have watched them die of strokes, heart attacks and cancer, as they destroy themselves from the inside out. Consider taking note of who they are and avoid them. They will do nothing but bad to you as well.

As to the people stating that “TCA, INC. isn’t legitimate.” They focus on (and with great ignorance) only a tiny part of the TCA, INC. Registry. Unlike any of the other cat associations, TCA, INC. allows those breeders who use this tiny part of our Registry (Foundation stock), to PROVE the PURITY of their cats! WOW! This is something none of the other cat associations have ever done! The way to prove purity is through the breeding process, which uses the three step process I created to do so. TCA , INC. has several sections in our Registry (something none of the nay sayers ever acknowledge)! Using breeding as the proof of purity, knowledge tells us that what is within the cat genetically will come out in the resulting kittens. After 3 litters, proving purity to their breed, the parents can be upgraded to the next step in our Registry (Pure Foundation Stock). Then the kittens can move forward in our Registry to the next step. This process is all contained within that tiny part of our Registry. The other section of our Registry (Championship stock) is for cats who have documented lineage. Our Registry Manual is available to customers from the first page of our web site at Just click on the words ON-LINE CAT REGISTRY there.


TCA, INC. is the only Association, where breeding cats from non-documented parentage have to PROVE their purebred heritage through the breeding process. No other cat association has ever done this in their over 100 years of history! They just took cats from their place or country of origin, off of the streets, out of market places, etc. and registered them as ”Purebred” to whatever breed the breeder claimed them to be. Their registries are inundated with mixed breed cats they registered as “Purebreds! What a sham and hilarious at best! TCA, INC. cats are so far above the cats registered in other associations, because our cats go through the acid test of having to breed true to their breed, and all of it is documented in our registry through that proving process. There is great esteem for a cat in TCA, INC., which is far above any in the other associations. Each owner involved with TCA, INC. can’t help but be proud of the purity of their cats.

All of the other cat associations fully support and allow to be shown every kind of deformity, ill health and short lived cats. For instance: the Persian with no nose at all that cannot eat out of a food dish: the Burmese with the same bashed in nose: the Siamese that is nothing but an elongated, pointed nosed, bat eared deformed cat that is nothing what so ever near the REAL Siamese: the Munchkin that is breeding to dwarfism. I can go on breed by breed with definitions of all the bad, deformed breeding practices they use on each breed. The most deformed is their top show winners! What an atrocity!

Another atrocity they do is re-name an already existent breed with a new breed name!! Their most recent example of this is the Turkish Angora. According to tica all Turkish Angoras living on the island of Cyprus (just off of Turkey) are now a “new breed” they re-named the Aphrodite. The Turkish Angora is an ancient and natural breed, which must be respected more than that.