TCA Cat or Kitten Transfer Registration Page

Please fill all the fields that you can so that we can provide a complete transfer registration of your cat or kitten. The registration certificate that you have from the prior owner must be sent to us signed by the prior owner, and it will be replaced with a new registration certificate with your name on it. Please allow for mailing time. We will send you a copy of all the data you have entered here. Please review it as soon as you can so you can identify any corrections before we complete your registration. If you make an error in the data entered here, we will correct it in our system at no charge, but you will have to pay for any re-issue of certificates. Lack of complete information will increase the processing time.

Enter your information about yourself, and your cat here. You will be mailed your registration certificate through the US mail, therefore, your mailing address is required.  All communications with respect to this registration is initially done via email, so that is the reason we ask for your email.

If we have any questions, we will first email you our question, which is typically about a clarification of information. On some occasions, it is a mis-spelling, or a mistyped registration number. If we cannot get a response, then we may also call you on the phone for the same reason. We do not sell this information to anyone.

When you are complete with this page, you will be automatically sent to a confirmation page that also has a PayPal button that supports the PayPal online electronic payment system.  This is completely secure, and provided through If you plan to pay for this through other means, then just click on a link to the left where you want to go next, and the PayPal process will be skipped. 

Any checks or mail orders should be in US funds.

Please use the Tab key or click in the next field to move the cursor between fields.

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