About Us

Our Objectives 

  1. To preserve healthy bloodlines.
  2. To bring back and maintain the “Old Style” look of the Original type of each breed. We refer to them as Traditional and Classic.
  3. To give support to and preserve those types of cats currently not recognized as “Show” cats by any other cat associations.
  4. To maintain the highest levels of Ethics and Integrity within the Cat Fancy

Member Benefits 

  1. Support for enthusiasts of Traditional and Classic Cats and the Household Pets.
  2. Access to our Kitten Referral Services.
  3. A FREE bi-monthly Newsletter with Membership.
  4. Support between International Affiliates.
  5. An open minded approach to acceptance to breeds not already accepted by TCA, Inc.
  6. Supporters of breeds not already accepted by TCA, Inc. are most welcome to present a request for acceptance.
  7. Breed Standards are NEVER changed once accepted to preserve them for future generations to enjoy. Health is a primary requirement for all breeds.
  8. Events held just for fun!

The Registry

Registration is designed to establish and maintain the lineage of cats, and to be a positive learning experience. We strive to work with breeders to meet their needs, and to aid in maintaining excellent records.

Cattery Inspection

TCA, Inc. operates a voluntary Cattery Inspection Program, which is far more thorough than any other similar program in the cat fancy. The rating given those Catteries participating is listed below their address. This approval is revocable in the event of deterioration in the conditions or care. It is a very high honor to receive, as it requires a lot of hard work to achieve and maintain.  Look for the CATTERY OF EXCELLENCE insignia along with the cattery name.

Breed Support

We currently support over 90 breeds with our  protection.  We keep them safe from changes to their looks and health that others have inflicted.  Our breed standards are created to ensure the health of many cat breeds for generations to come.

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